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  • Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Male Doll Studio aims to spotlight, within the game industry, stories created and/or starred by LGBTQ+ people. Due to this, we acknowledge the fact that there are a lot of challenges during the development of the games as well as a wide range of living which are based on gender matters, social class, sexual orientations, race, ethnicity, disabilities, geographic location, among others.

Aiming to increase the cast diversity of our games and also the characters’ plurality, we developed a partnership program that allows people to work directly with us without the need of having a development team. Basically, the prospect partner would send us a proposal (links below), we’d analyze it, and considering the development and the market feasibility, we would start a partnership. During our group work, the Male Doll team offer some guidance to their partners, especially scripts for digital games, interesting fetishes to be explored, etc. When the script is ready, we start the development, and the prospect partner starts following our work at the same time we collect feedback from our community in order to improve the product. After this process is done, we scheduled the launch day and the payments are monthly sent according to the contract definitions.

Our work model is based on revenue share and our agreement includes a variety of services that are accomplished throughout the period of validity (aside from the game development) such as revenue optimization and DLCs production. The validity of our agreement is 5 years and the payment is made by invoice.